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santa monica high school chamber orchestra members

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February 18th, 2006

mayuragotskillz @ 06:08 pm: cha-ching
This community is slightly dead. So I decided to join it and see what happens.

I noticed that all of the members of this community are going to Disney Hall. Neat, eh?

It's kind of surreal. It's like, in 24 hours, we will be sitting on the stage of this enormous concert hall, getting ready to play......something.

Yeah. alright.

Current Mood: pleasedpleased
Current Music: Debussy quartet movt I

July 5th, 2005

popmic_123 @ 09:34 pm: OMG, is this a post??
This entry is serving a dual purpose:
1.) To say that I'll miss the orch dorks SO much and to say thanks for a great 4 years


2.) Because the state of this community is just sad.

Current Mood: blank?
Current Music: Shostakovich Symphony No. 5 4th mvt

December 28th, 2004

azn2mit @ 10:12 pm: this is the samohi chamber community
plz tell us what colors you would recommend to use in this community
here are the areas of modification up for recommendatin:
Page background

Box border color

Box content color

Box background color

Box heading text color

Box heading background color

Link color

Visited link color

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